Dixon Greenwood Award

This Award is given to the Person or Company Committee who has made fundamental safety improvements to their Company and its Safety Culture, Service to the Community involving safety and Involvement in the Ashtabula Count Safety Council, to recognize potential for improvement and enacting Positive change to the safety culture of their company.

This year’s Dixon Greenwood Safety Award winner is Felicia Leonard with Lake City Plating

Felicia Leonard serves as the Environmental, Health, and Safety Coordinator at Lake City Plating (LCP). Although this is a relatively new role for her – she has been in this position for about a year — she has quickly and effectively made significant upgrades to our EHS program. Her passion for and dedication to the company’s safety are unbounded, and this is evident in the countless initiatives that she has implement and is currently pursuing — for example:

• For any safety incident, including any near miss, Felicia effectively leads the investigation and development and implementation of preventative measures.

• Felicia instituted a new Safety Ambassador Program, a cross-function team of LCP associates that meets regularly to identify safety improvements and helps reinforce our culture of safety throughout the organization.

• Each month, Felicia selects a safety topic of focus, and through creative communications and activities, she educates the company on potential risks and safe behavior.

• Felicia has revamped our forklift safety program, ensuring that all associates that use forklifts have been sufficiently trained and tested.

• Felicia attends all of the Ashtabula County Safety Council meetings to expand her knowledge and bring new ideas back to LCP. Finally, she is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health and Safety degree at Oakland University. All of the associates at Lake City Plating are appreciative and fortunate to have Felicia Leonard as their EHS Coordinator.

Ken Porter, Manager
Phone: 440-576-5505
Email: acsc@atech.edu

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